Capital Medical University of China

The course at Capital Medical University consists of six years of full-time study, including a year of internship. The university offers several scholarships to its students. It is a very reputed medical institution, and its graduates are well-equipped to work in China. To learn more about its program, visit its website or contact the admissions office.

Research outputs

As a medical university, the Capital Medical University of China has a lot to offer. This university offers a six-year course which includes a year internship. The school has over 500 scientific blueprints. Its research outputs are highly regarded, receiving high estimates from state-level programs and local high-tech R&D schemes. The school has received many awards from prominent regional and native foundations and enterprises. The school has more than four thousand students and a faculty of 1,470. It also has over forty-one affiliated hospitals. It has 7 academicians, twenty-six high-professional titles, and eleven associate high titles. The university also has a number of postdoctoral research stations.

The Capital Medical University has twelve colleges and 18 affiliated clinics. The faculty of these colleges total more than two thousand. Ten of these teachers are academicians of the Scientific and Engineering Academies of China. It enrolls more than 10,000 scholars every year. The university offers Doctoral, Master’s, and Undergraduate degrees. It also has an affiliated health school in Yanjing.

The Capital Medical University is a very big university. It has over 10,000 beds, which means that students studying here get a lot of clinical experience. Moreover, the school has six campuses across the capital city. This allows the students to work at different hospitals at different times. It also offers hostels and other facilities for the students.

Capital Medical University’s research outputs are tracked through the Nature Index. The research outputs are grouped by subject areas, but articles can be assigned to more than one category.

Number of students

The Capital Medical University of China is a public research university in Beijing, China. It was founded in 1960 as the Beijing Second Medical College. Today, it is one of the largest medical schools in the world. Its goal is to produce top-level doctors with good research and clinical experience.

Capital Medical University has over twenty-five thousand students and more than twenty thousand academic staff. However, because of its reputation, there is a very low acceptance rate. Admissions are based on past academic records and entrance examinations. For more information about the University, visit its official website.

Capital Medical University was founded in 1960 and is one of the top academic medical institutions in China. It is also one of the key municipal universities in Beijing. Its founding President, Professor Wu Jieping, is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering. Professor Lu Zhaofeng is the current President.

The university has a very diverse student body. There are approximately 10,132 full-time students, plus 433 international students. In addition, the university has 4,654 part-time undergraduates and 1,983 diploma students. The university employs 35,128 staff, including 1,875 professors and 3,275 affiliated professors.

The Beijing Medical University is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Health. It offers a six-year MBBS program. The curriculum includes classroom study, internship, and clinical rotation. The internship is required for one year. The remaining six months are elective. In addition, students can choose which internship location they wish to complete their program.

This University offers a high-quality MBBS education. It is a highly regarded university, with students from all over the world enrolling in its medical courses.

Academic programs

Academic programs at the Capital Medical University of China are known for their international outlook. With more than 500 scientific blueprints, it is able to educate a large number of students from all over the world. Students who study at this university are exposed to different subjects and have a chance to learn from renowned professors. In addition, the university has ties with many universities and institutions in different counties, and it regularly sends students and teachers to study abroad or participate in international academic conferences.

The curriculum of the university includes both theory and practical study. Students will complete the MBBS course in six years, with nine semesters dedicated to theory study and three semesters for medical clinical studies. The university also requires students to complete a one-year internship. The remaining six months are electives, allowing students to choose where they wish to work after graduation.

The school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the fields of pediatrics, clinical medicine, and stomatology. There are also numerous vocational programs for students, including nursing, biomedical engineering, and rehabilitation therapy. Other majors include optometry medicine, law, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Students of the Capital Medical University of China will enjoy high-quality education with a world-class curriculum. The university is recognized by numerous international organizations. Additionally, its tuition fees are very low, making it a great option for international students. The university has six campuses, which are easily accessible via public transportation. In addition to academic programs, the university provides numerous facilities for students, including a student dining hall, an international and local restaurant, a student lounge, and tennis courts. It also boasts a wide variety of affiliated hospitals.

The Capital Medical University of China is a major medical institution in Beijing, China. The University has a strong commitment to research and clinical care. With over thirty-five thousand students enrolled in its five schools, the university is home to over 35 hundred faculty and staff.


There are a number of scholarships available at the Capital Medical University in China. The amount of money awarded depends on the degree program and the applicant’s qualifications. In order to qualify, applicants must have a Master’s degree or higher in a relevant field and be under 40 years old. They should also have a certificate of Chinese or English Language Proficiency.

Scholarships at the Capital Medical University can be for either 4 years or one year. In addition, the University offers on-campus hostel facilities for students. The hostel is run by the Hotel Style Management department and is near Chinese, Japanese and Korean restaurants. This means that students can have a taste of the culture in addition to a good education.

Those interested in studying medicine in China must submit their application online. Students can fill up an application form on the university’s website or send their documents by email. They should submit their school leaving certificate and their birth certificate, as well as transcripts of their records. Once accepted, the university will issue an official invitation letter.

Scholarships at Capital Medical University are open to students from all over the world. These scholarships are funded by the Chinese Government and provide full tuition, living expenses, and other benefits to students. For undergraduate students, the scholarship provides a stipend of 2500 RMB per month and free housing. For master’s degree students, the monthly stipend is 3000 RMB.

The Capital Medical University of China is a non-profit public institution founded in 1960 and is located in Beijing, China. It has numerous affiliated hospitals and is regarded as an academic powerhouse. It has a number of doctoral degrees authorization units and a number of post-doctoral research institutes. Its curriculum and facilities are modern and well-equipped.


The Capital Medical University of China is a public research university located in Beijing, China. Founded in 1960, the university was originally known as the Beijing Second Medical College. Today, it is a well-known medical school and research institution, offering a diverse range of programs in the sciences and medicine.

The university is approved by the National Medical Council, and students from all over the world can apply for a place here. The university is also ranked among the top universities in Beijing. It has a high ranking among Chinese universities, as well as among the top universities in the world. The Capital Medical University of China is ranked 200th in Asia University rankings and between eight hundred and one thousand in World University Rankings.

The medical school provides excellent accommodation and a modern infrastructure for its students. Students can choose dormitories on campus or off campus, with facilities such as 24-hour electricity and water available. Graduates from this university can expect to enjoy a successful career in the medical field. After graduation, they can continue their education by pursuing postgraduate study or a master’s degree in hospital administration.

The hospital of the Capital Medical University of China provides comprehensive medical care. The university’s School of Public Health and Family Medicine houses the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control (BCDC), which undertakes public health control during severe epidemic outbreaks. It also offers a variety of research facilities for clinical care.

The university provides a wide range of accommodations for international students. It has three dormitories for international students, each equipped with single rooms, attached bathrooms, and a public kitchen. These dormitories also feature a communal kitchen and washing machines, providing students with a comfortable environment while studying. The university has six campuses that are within easy reach of public transport. There are also many on-campus facilities, including a student dining hall, International and local restaurants, and a fitness center with tennis courts. In addition to the on-campus facilities, the university is affiliated with many hospitals and clinics.

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